Inches From Sin Review by Roy Elkins


Here are my thoughts on the remix of Weight of the World.
Inches From Sin Roy Elkins Broadjam

Inches From Sin

Great lyric and message in this song. The writer contemplates how global events are affecting and distressing them personally. I think we all feel the same and that’s why this song has great potential. It reaches everyone and makes one think. One of the lines in the chorus, “It breaks my heart, it breaks my back…..” is very good. “I hear people fighting……look the same way” is also an excellent line. Conceptually, this lyric could have been something John Lennon wrote. Great work. Simple and to the point.
The groove of the song reminds me a little of People Get Ready, originally by the Impressions. Probably my favorite recording of this is from Beck or the Nevilles’. It also is a little similar to John Mayers’ Waiting On The World To Change.Great lead vocal on this. Strong voice and I bet this singer crosses genres pretty frequently and easily. Reminds of some of the great female singer songwriters of our generation. She is very good and has great natural tone. She would be very good at voice over work or as a radio personality.
Love the tone of the lead guitar part as well. One of my favorite guitar sounds. Probably dates me a little, but I love it anyway.I either love or hate the backup vocals in the chorus. Every time I listen I have a different opinion of them. It’s one of those parts that grabs your attention and your mind thinks, “What the hell were they thinking when they did this?”, then the mind says this might be so different and out of the norm it might catch on. As I listen more, the back-ups seem to be the hook of the song and I’m starting to like them. With that said, I am not sure the listener hears the lead in the chorus and that may be a problem. Although the back ups are interesting, they should be a little lower in the mix…..Male backup at 1:03 is a little too loud in the mix. Not sure it works as it doesn’t return in the song and seems to be out of place. Almost sounds like a mistake…..At 1:56, back up is sharp….Also, sounds like the high end was turned off on the backup vocals. They sound a little muffled…..If it was my song, I probably wouldn’t have used any backups in the first verse, let it build a little and develop the peaks.Although I love the creativity in this remix, I think the lead vocal and message gets lost in the production. The listener is drawn to the backup vocals, especially in the chorus, and stops hearing the lead. It’s a good lyric and the lead needs to stand out.Although I find the parts intriguing and engaging, a little more time is needed on the mix. If this was my song, I would revisit the mix and pull the backups down a little. I am not sure I would replace them as they are growing on me. I would remove the male voice at 1:03 as it isn’t working…..And make sure that the lead singer is really shining throughout. This is such a good message and she seems to get lost.I went back and listened to the original. In the original, the song, lyric and lead singer shines (I realize you didn’t ask for this, but I really wanted to hear this gain.) In the remix, the production and backups are what the listener hears. I am not sure that is what you intended but both are very engaging.This is a really good song and I am glad you have uploaded it to Broadjam.
Hope this helps.
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