July 31 2014 Broadjam Pop Rock Top 10 Songs

Roy Elkins

July 31 2014 Broadjam Pop Rock Top 10 Songs
I was listening to the Pop-Rock Top 10 on Broadjam and was struck by so many unique song concepts, so I thought I would write a little about this list. It’s very hard to come with something the hasn’t been done. Although I think some of the productions and mixes should be re-worked, there are some strong songs and hooks in this list.

July 31 2014 Broadjam Pop Rock Top 10 Songs

Crosseyed Miles#1 EternityCrosseyed Miles Still love it. Here is a link to a more detailed review of this song.  Love the heartfelt feel of this. Interesting and good vocal delivery as well. Good peaks and valleys in the song. Nice dynamics.

#2 Happy Accident – Crosseyed Miles Interesting intro to this. Very engaging. Groove that comes in at 20 seconds is a little uncomfortable and seems to distract from the great vocal and lyric. Track reminds me a little of Dave Matthews.

John Wangler#3 Crossing OverJohn Wangler Quiet, almost whisper like vocal intro with lots of verb. I love the tone of the voice at 38 seconds.  Definitely the sweet spot for the singer.  Hearing a wall of sound which I love. It lost me a little at 1:16, sounded like something dropped out of the mix. Love this vocal and production style.

Warren Hein#4 Let’s DriveWarren Hein  Good, upbeat song.  Vocal harmonies in the chorus take me back a few years. Love it. This song could possibly be cut in many different genres.  It has that potential.

Susan Witzel#5 The Seat Next To MineSusan Witzel One of the most original concepts for a song I have heard in a while. Vocal is perfect for the topic. My guess is the piano player wrote this or had a hand in the melody. Piano reinforces the melody all the way through. A great song and with a great production, it has many legs and a long life.

Frank Pietrantoni#6 I Make A Difference – Frank Pietrantoni Good song, good hook concept. Groove reminds me a little of the Eurhythmics.  I could see it garnering attention in the current form, but I would recommend re-working the production. I think this would bring it to a different level.

Greg Lambert#7 The Rose – Greg Lambert Very strong lyric in this song. Extremely visual, good vocal delivery with excellent pitch. Nice harmonies. Great song to listen “closely” to.

Adam Avery#8 RedefinedAdam Avery Great acoustic guitar intro, very anthemic. Strong vocal tone and delivery. Tuning on the guitar is perfect for the song. Great melody in the chorus, strong singer.  When the band enters at 1:37, the song moves to a new level. Excellent work. One of the best on Broadjam.

Ali Edwards#9 So CoolAli Edwards Very tasteful guitar playing. Soft male vocal that works rhythmically very well with the supporting tracks. My guess is the vocalist wrote this as he nailed the feel of it. Drum groove steps up at 1:30 and you can see the dancers on the dancefloor following the groove.  Very nice work. Another good song concept.

Penny Towers#10 The Tony SongPenny Towers Another good & different song from Penny. Her songs are so different, I am always looking forward to her next creation. Production is early 60s style and could easily find it’s way into a film in that era.


July 31 2014 Broadjam Pop Rock Top 10 Songs

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