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While his passion is writing songs, Roy Elkins loves listening to and reviewing the music of songwriters, which is what Onliner Notes is all about. Primarily a songwriter and producer, he has written countless songs, sequences and musical pieces over the years.

He volunteers for numerous organizations that help kids and adults make and enjoy music. Some of these include The Les Paul Foundation, The Madison Area Music Association, Madison and Minneapolis Media Institutes, Merlin Mentors, Willy Wash, Launchpad and the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music. Roy is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Madison and Minneapolis Media Institutes, ASCAP Expo and numerous industry events.

Some of his key accomplishments in business include developing the award winning Ensoniq School, launching the revolutionary Sonic Foundry ACID product line and pioneering one of the largest and longest running independent music communities in the world, He is very close with the members of and stays in contact with many of the Great People he has met along the way. He recently launched a blog to share his thoughts about some of them.

Roy also has a blog titled Thoughts on the Music industry where he comments on the events currently happening in the music industry. He is an avid collector of music and his Pinterest page features his favorite Album Covers, links to some of his favorite Madison Wisconsin artists, books he has read and links to reviews done here. Other links to how to write a good abstract information about Roy Elkins can be found at Project Famous, Dallas Songwriters Association, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Youtube and in the book Models of Opportunity.

He views all his connections and acquaintances as friends and continues to develop new relationships daily.

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9 thoughts on “Roy Elkins – Song Reviews

  1. Hi Roy:
    I am a veteran music educator who started a biz to help promote VT-based singer/songwriters. Please check out my website where I have artist bios and music streaming as well as “Artist of the Month”. Would love to have you review any new music from our artists. Thanks for considering.

    • Glory, Thanks for your note. Although I would love to listen and review everything that comes my way, I can only review songs uploaded to Broadjam. If you post a link here to a song on Broadjam, I would be happy to put it in the listening queue. Best, Roy

  2. Hi Roy,

    I’ve been a Broadjam member now for over a year. I’m loving the site and actively submitting songs for placement opportunities and contests just about every week. I’d love a review of any of my songs. “Invasion of Mayberry” ,”Attic Treasures”, or “Daybreak” would probably be most representative of the soundtracks that I’m writing, although I’m composing things in a few different styles to fit different types of uses in film and advertising. You can find my page at:

    Thanks, –Jim

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