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My goal is to chose songs that will help all understand the pros and cons of a good song and production. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I will pick the best song for a review. If I or anyone else knew exactly what determines a great hit song, we would be producing great hit songs everyday. I am no expert, just a guy with an opinion.

There are a few things that help move a song down that path. When I’m reviewing, I listen closely to the introduction, marriage between the verses and the chorus’, strength of the melodic hook, lyrics, instrument selection, part writing and the arrangement of the instrumentation, mix and the overall production. And finally, do I walk away from this song remembering it?  If I can’t remember the song or the melody within 24 hours, I probably won’t ever remember it.  That usually is what is the determining factor for me.

Roy Elkins Onliner Notes

While there are certain techniques and structural requirements that appeal to most listeners, it really comes down to the taste and ears of the listener.  If commercial success is the desired, then some of the basics have to be applied. If writing a good piece of thought provoking music is your goal, then who cares what the listener thinks. Write a song that is appealing to you.

Also, if a link is posted to a site other than Broadjam, it is likely not going to get reviewed. Although I do visit other sites periodically, I spend most of my time on Broadjam.

If I do review a song of yours, please share it with your social community. This will help provide more exposure for you.

To recap: If you provide a link to your song on Broadjam and you are an active member of Broadjam, your song will be put in the queue.

Thanks for your music!

Roy Elkins

Founder, Broadjam, Great People Along The Way, Thoughts On The Music Industry

Additional links & good organizations

Madison Area Music Association, Willywash, Dallas Songwriters Association – one of the best in the business, Merlin Mentors – Great org that helps young entrepreneurs, Les Paul Foundation, Wisconsin Foundation for School Music

Press & educational links

Hangout June 6, 2014, “Blanket” Music Licensing, Industry Projections, Celebrating Sonic Foundry, A Music Platform, Project Famous – Great Photographer, Models of Opportunity: How Entrepreneurs Design Firms

27 thoughts on “Roy Elkins Song Reviews at Onliner Notes

  1. BUCK69’s New CD “No Medicine Like The Blues”
    It’s Like Kenny Wayne Sheppard meeting Jonny Lang in a Juke Joint to talk about Eric Clapton.
    16 new original songs by the Toledo Ohio based Blues, Roots Rock band http://WWW.BUCK69.NET
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    • Tom, Thanks for your note. I only have to review the songs from Broadjam. If you would like your song in the listening queue, please post the Broadjam link here and I will gladly give you my thoughts. Regards, Roy

  2. Dear Roy,

    Please feel free to review my songs on my Broadjam profile at your own convenience.
    Thanks a lot and all the best.
    Kindest regards from London (UK)
    Rizo Balic

    • Rizo, Thanks for the invitation to listen to your music. Please provide a link to one of your songs on and I will put it in my review queue. Regards, Roy

    • Tricia, Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your song. Please post a link your song on and I will gladly put you in the review queue. On occasion I do get to other sites, but only after I have exhausted all the requests from Broadjam links. Regards, Roy

  3. Hey Roy,

    Good luck with the blog.

    Stop by and listen to “I Was Dreaming” and “Lovers and Friends”….. tell me what you think!

    Happy Spring aka “Death To The Polar Vortex”!

  4. Glad to hear the news Roy. During this years Daytona 500, Darrel Waltrip said someone should write a song called , “Trash On My Grill.” 30 laps later the song was complete. I am trying to get Darrel a listen. I think it sums up what happens in NASCAR with “Trash On My Grill.” His brother died last week, so I’m laying back, showing respect. If you can, give it a listen. I’m Kwinn.

    • Takumi, Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your music. Because of the volume of requests, I only listen to music posted on If you provide a link to one song on Broadjam, I will put you in the review queue. Regards, Roy

  5. Don, Thanks for the note. I appreciate your interest. Please post a link to one song from and I’ll get you in the queue. Regards, Roy

  6. Hi Roy,

    Here is my newest song, Hot and Spicy Night. A fun, happy song for everyone who survived that long, cold winter. Would love to hear your thoughts. Link for the song is above. Snow is almost all melted here in Michigan. When you do get back home would love to get together if you have time. Peace.


  7. Roy, It never hurts to have reviews especially of course if you like Nikki Hornsby music.
    Hope you have time to listen to a few of Nikki Hornsby songs like “Momma’s Blues” or the retro “October Day” or the Americana “Travel On” or her patriotic “This IS America” for a gamut of styles.
    Plus new Pop orchestral pieces just sent to iTunes this week titled “Just Lovin’ You” & “Music Is the Only Thing”. Production was mastered by Marty Rifkin ( who has worked on over 20 plus songs with Nikki) The 2014 releases used the vocal stem from the “Just Wait” songs of the same title but musicians from Broadjam played piano, cello to violin etc. to sweeten the tracks into Pop orchestral to show the versatility of Nikki Hornsby music which she inherited her talents from her late Grandfather.
    If you do review these orchestral pieces you’d be the first to review them. CJP-NHRecords releases which are now on iTunes Titled “Music Is the Only Thing” & “Just Lovin’ You”. Understanding they were produced for licensing to movie & films TV or other artists internationally. One of these same songs “Ich Liebe Dich” is translated into German and is being made into a dance Schlarger Pop song recorded by a known Austrian recording artist Zita for release soon too.
    Thank you and hope you enjoy Nikki Hornsby music and will have time to give her a favorable review for a few of her 34 released songs were charted offline radio internationally. Please let us know when you do too. There are few reviews of each the single releases from “Just Wait” which we look forward to reading yours.
    Sincerely with respect, CJPStaff (rw) for Nikki Hornsby original music.

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