Dying For More by Zac Nelson

This review of Dying for More by Zac Nelson is one where I may not know exactly what to say as this song is simply, “remarkable.”   This is exceptionally well produced by someone who has obviously done this a million times or is from another planet. If this was something I produced, I wouldn’t change a thing as it is radio ready and can be pitched as is.
Zac Nelson

The Dead Storm

The song starts with a high energy intro, driven by guitars, then cuts into the opening vocal at 10 seconds. It’s clear within the first few syllables that this guy can sing. Powerful & unique voice with good pitch that reminds me a little of Kip Winger. A strong rock vocal.

 The bass work in the background of the opening verse is very tasteful. As I’m listening I was thinking, I probably would have never even tried anything like this as I would be afraid that it would disrupt the vocal line, but it works. An excellent performance of all instruments during this section.
The hook , “I’’m Dying for More,” enters at about 35 seconds and is very memorable. The vocalist hits high notes at 1:15 and shows what he can do and what is imminent. The groove at about 2:11 gets a little funkier and gives the song a slightly different feel. Snare landing behind the beat throughout the song creates a lazy feel until this funky part.
The break at 2:33 pauses for a bar then into the chorus. It was puzzling and unexpected, but I like how this works. There are subtle parts throughout this entire production that are different and not traditional. I love how this producer writes and thinks.
Guitar lead and break at 3:15 threw me a little. Although I thought the part was technically good playing, I am not sure it is as strong as the rest of the song. With that said, I could leave it as is and be comfortable with it as the whole of this song reaches such a high bar that one part is not going to make or break it.
Pros: Radio ready as is. Extremely well produced. One of the best productions I have heard in a while. Singer is clearly world-class and could easily be fronting. Hook is driven home hard and very memorable.

Zac Nelson

Zac Nelson

If this was my song, here are the parts I might explore: Just before the hook, there is a subtle & quiet bar of music that sets it up. I might explore using this as the intro to the song, rather than the current one. The transition from the existing intro to the vocal seems a little odd compared to the rest of the piece.I would also re-explore the guitar lead. It is very good, but I don’t believe it is at the same level as the rest of the song and production.I have learned that writers and producers of this caliber want feedback, but I had to dig to find something to contribute other than just glowing about the overall quality. Like I said earlier, I am not sure I would change a thing as the overall production is ready to go.

Kudos to Zac Nelson as Dying for More is world-class and deserves to be heard.

Great work.